About Us

Women’s Law Center (WLC) is a non-governmental organisation, which was registered in 2009. WLC was founded by a number of women-lawyers from the Republic of Moldova in order to ensure presence of gender component both during the process of elaboration and implementation of the law. We advocate for equal status between women and men in public life and within the family.

WLC's mission is to ensure the promotion and protection of women's rights and to contribute to the reduction of domestic violence in the Republic of Moldova. 

If you've decided to stop the violence, to take a stand and change your life, our team can offer you FREE OF CHARGE


  • Information about the help you can ask for and obtain;
  • Explanations of legislation and how to exercise your rights. 


  • To properly formulate your complaints, requests to the police, courts and other competent institutions;
  • Developing a safety plan;
  • Initiation of civil and criminal actions.


  • Counseling during the examination of the case;
  • Representation in court and in law enforcement bodies.


  • Psychological counseling;
  • Group therapy.

We can offer you CONFIDENCE and CONFIDENTIALITY. We will fully apply our resources for a successful resolution of your case!

All our services are free of charge!