WLC's team


Mariana Buruiana 

Executive Director


Email: mariana.buruiana@cdf.md


Eleonora Grosu

Program Coordinator

I’ve been advocating for women’s human rights for two decades, I’ve worked for international organisations, including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the OSCE Mission to Moldova, the United Nations Development Programme, etc. Due to the knowledge and the experience that I’ve got, I can promote and protect women’s human rights and mitigate domestic violence.

I’m passionate about what I’m doing at Women’s Law Centre, a powerful and vibrant organisation established by women for women. We decided to offer to the women from the Republic of Moldova that high protection and safety that women from other countries enjoy, and to make Moldova a better place.

Motto: "Be the change that you want to see in others."

Email: eleonora.grosu@cdf.md



Daniela Josanu

Coordinator at the Specialised Service for the Support of Domestic Violence Victims

Daniela Josanu graduated from the Faculty of Law of Moldova State University. Then she obtained her Masters’ degree in Criminal Procedural Law. She has been working in the field of human rights protection at non-governmental level for seven years. During this period she got involved in projects ensuring a child-friendly justice during the criminal trial and preventing domestic violence. She has been part of the Women's Law Centre team since 2016. Daniela helps domestic violence victims to obtain protection, she guides them to obtain legal and psychological support.

Her motto is: "I can change things only through my personal example".

Email: daniela.josanu@cdf.md


Violeta Andriuța


Violeta Andriuta graduated from the Faculty of Law of Moldova University of European Studies. She has over ten years of experience of working with non-governmental and international organisations. She has been member of the Lawyers’ Union of the Republic of Moldova since 2009, and lawyer and legal adviser at Women's Law Centre since 2015. At Women's Law Centre she provides primary legal aid and represents in court the rights and interests of victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Motto: "Every day should be the most beautiful in your life, give it a chance."


Email: violeta.andriuta@cdf.md


Diana Pînzari

Communication Coordinator

Diana Pinzari graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Sciences of Communication of Moldova State University and she opted for a Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology to better understand the human nature. She has been working for more than six years in the field of communication and she has experience in working with organisations like UNICEF Moldova, UNDP projects and NPAI ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ Public Company. Women's Law Centre is a beautiful new experience where people are those who make the difference.

Motto: ‘It’s impossible not to find what you are looking for, if you know what you want.’

Email: diana.pinzari@cdf.md


Olga Sturza

Financial Manager

Olga Sturza graduated from the Faculty of Finances of Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM), and she opted for a Masters’ degree in Financial Analyses and Forecasts of the Entrepreneurial Activity to better understand the financial field. Previously she worked at the Master School of Excellence in Economics and Business within ASEM and since November 2014 she’s been working at Women's Law Centre.  Developing budgets and financial statements is an interesting activity for those who love figures.

Motto: "It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop."  

Email: olga.sturza@cdf.md


Victoria Sofian


Initially she graduated in International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences at Moldova State University. After that, Victoria decided to choose another profession and attended the courses of the Center for Entrepreneurial Training within CCI. She gained experience in the administrative area, in basic accounting, procurements, HR within various companies with foreign participation and in projects financially supported by MCA-Moldova and OSCE/ODIHR.

Motto: "Try to be a valuable person, not necessarily a successful one."

Email: victoria.sofian@cdf.md


Anastasia Perciun 

Executive Assistant

Anastasia Perciun graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance of Moldova State University. She continued with a Master in Sociology and started her professional activity as an university lecturer. Women’s Law Centre is a new challenge, a unique experience alongside a professional team, which gathers for a common purpose.

Motto: "The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference."

Email: anastasia.perciun@cdf.md

Lilia Borzin

Social Assistant

Lilia Borzin-Rotari has social assistance and sociology studies. She obtained a bachelor degree at ‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University from Iasi and a Masters’ degree at Moldova State University. She has over ten years of work experience with organisations like Moldovan Association of Women in the Legal Profession, IOM Mission to Moldova and A.O. ‘Concordia. Social Projects’ under projects regulating migration, combating human trafficking, observing child rights.

Lilia works as social assistance specialist at WLC. She monitors and analyses the cases of women beneficiaries from a holistic perspective and advocates for a multidisciplinary approach. She is guided by and advocates for the ‘pro-active’ concept in order to prevent all the forms of abuse and violence.

Motto:"The world begins with you."

Email: lilia.borzin@cdf.md