Ana has the courage to take it from scratch!


Today we want to introduce Ana, mother of three children and a simply wonderful woman by her way of being. Ana decided a few years ago to take it from scratch after divorcing her violent husband. You will not hear her complaining that it's hard, that she doesn’t know what she will do tomorrow. It's a kind of person who knows how to do a lot with few resources. Ana is part of the Economic Empowerment Program initiated by CDF with the support of the International Women's Club of Moldova - IWCM. When we asked her what she would like to do? She told us that she would like to grow chickens and gradually develop a small business. The first step was done. We helped her to buy chickens, and now, it's already known in the village that Ana sells eggs. Her dream is to be able to ensure a decent life to her children, to offer them the possibility to gain a decent education and to reach a level where she can help other people.